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Vizyr can be self-managed or directly hosted on our servers for the same price.


Our basic plan, perfect for starting
per site
per year
<p>From 1 to 10 robots.</p> <ul> <li>Online support</li> <li>Next business day support</li> <li>Live view</li> <li>Task editor</li> <li>Map editor with classic navigation behaviour</li> <li>Robot diagnostic with chat, video and remote control</li> <li>Open API access for custom development</li> </ul>


Our plan for bigger fleets
<p>For fleet with more than 10 robots.</p> <p><strong>All features from Bronze and:</strong></p> <ul> <li>Next day support</li> <li>Customizable dashboards for operators or supervisors</li> <li>Advanced user management features (groups, LDAP)</li> <li>Multi layer navigation with advanced navigation behaviour</li> <li>Fleet diagnostics tools</li> </ul>


Our plan for advanced features
<p>For fleet with more than 50 robots.</p> <p><strong>All features from Silver and:</strong></p> <ul> <li>Simulator and digital twin</li> <li>Active optimization fleet system</li> <li>Predictive maintenance on robots</li> <li>Advanced behaviour for robots: workflow, security, cleaning</li> <li>Robots cooperation features</li> </ul>


Our plan for multi-site
<p>For fleet with more than 50 robots deployed on different sites.</p> <p><strong>All features from Gold and:</strong></p> <ul> <li>Platinum support (24/7)</li> <li>Multi-site support</li> <li>Private VPN</li> </ul>

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